“After several creative meetings with Joey he seemed to have a clear understanding of what we wanted and quickly was able to add thoughts and design ideas that we hadn’t considered that were unique and tasteful. What we found working with Joey Cherry is that he will rarely, if ever, tell you something is impossible. While Joey and his team have a reputation for excellence when it comes to custom home solutions, what seems to go unheralded is Joey’s realistic appreciation for the cost associated with customizations and how he really works hard to help mitigate unnecessary expenses. They routinely found creative and efficient solutions to meet our unique desires and never once did we feel like we were somehow becoming bothersome with our inquiries or our desire to “discuss some possible ideas” with them.

The end result for us was a custom build that, even now, I am excited each day to return home to. Our experience with Cherry Construction exceeded our expectations, it is no wonder that Cherry Construction sets the bar for custom home builders in our area. We are thrilled with our Cherry home and we greatly appreciate the craftmanship that went into it.​”

– Mitch Jones

“We just completed our second home construction with Cherry Construction. Like the first house we built, this second project was just as enjoyable and pleasing as the first. Working with Cherry Construction generally entails what I term “three phases.” With the first phase, the client works with Joey Cherry to set the foundation for the house. During the second phase, the client works with Lee Cherry to determine and establish the “cosmetics” or finishing touches to the house. And the final phase brings the project to closing as Joey completes the final transactions to new ownership. In working with Cherry Construction, all three phases were handled professionally but more importantly, extremely respectful of the prospective new owners. Joey and Lee will listen to the their clients, make constructive suggestions to make the house more adaptable with regard to living space as well as energy efficient, and they will communicate on a constant basis to make sure the client is informed throughout the whole project. Their network of subcontractors surpasses all others. Joey and Lee have personalities that make any home-building project such an enjoyable experience by truly making it a “family experience.” The “after-sale” support continues indicating once a client closes on the property, Cherry Construction will not forget you. The “smiles and laughter never end.” I would highly recommend Cherry Construction to anyone. And who knows, maybe someday my wife and I might just build “Number 3” with Cherry Construction.”

– Donnie and Karen Lee

“We have had Cherry Construction build houses for both of our parents over the past few years and in both cases we were extremely pleased with the outcome. Joey Cherry’s attention to detail is exceptional! We would strongly recommend anyone building a home to consider Cherry Construction.”

– Eddie & Candy Stallings

“I already have and certainly will continue to highly recommend Cherry Construction to family and friends and anyone looking for a very first class custom built home. Great working relationship made the process very easy and very enjoyable.”

– Wayne Hardee